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Generate interest in your new product launch through impactful sampling campaigns with your target audience.
It’s easy to see from a quick browse of any supermarket how many new products are hitting the UK market every week. Product sampling helps your launches stand out in this noisy market.

Why sample during product launch?

Product sampling can be a powerful addition to your marketing plans for a new product launch. 91% of people surveyed think sampling is an effective form of advertising for a brand, while 75% agreed they are more likely to buy the full product after receiving a free sample.

Our product sampling solutions provide innovative ways to connect to your target audience and stand out against a crowded market of competitor launches and developments. We help many of the UK’s best brands empower their customers' voices to build networks of brand advocates, reach new customers, drive sales and gain valuable insights for product and campaign iteration over time.

Solving your product launch pains

Your pain points:
  • Insights: Understanding decision drivers and validating your product pre-launch is crucial to ensuring your product lands with consumers. Even with the perfect product, it can hard to target the best consumers, with access to more people more than ever before.
  • Engagement: In such crowded landscapes, it can be hard for products to stand apart from competitors.
  • Trust: Many consumers only engage with products verified by positive opinions from friends, family or influencers.
Relish’s solutions:
  • Insights: Our award-winning research and insights platform allows you to gather first-party reviews and opinions. You can then publish or use them as social proof throughout your current or other future campaigns. Consumer feedback can even help you identify areas for improvement, address issues, and iterate your product before scaling up to full campaign launch.
  • Engagement: Product sampling facilitates direct consumer interaction, improving engagement. You can highlight unique features and benefits to cut through the noise, with a reduced barrier to trial and therefore adoption through sampling distribution channels.
  • Trust: With sampling your audience gets the opportunity to test your product firsthand, creating positive tangible memories. Sampling also generates word-of-mouth marketing, as your samplers share their experiences.

Why Relish?


MRS-accredited insights team

We work to the industry’s highest market research standards, guaranteeing high-quality qualitative and quantitative data outputs.


Real-time data reporting

See how your products is landing with customers from the start.


Dedicated, passionate experts

We’re the UK’s largest sampling team, with over 10 years of experience working with big brands and partner retailers.

Our approach

Integrated, targeted product sampling campaigns unique to your KPIs

At Relish, we work with each client to create and launch product sampling activations using a tailored blend of targeted channels. Our team of experienced strategists are here to do what we’ve learned is best to meet your campaign goals across planning, targeting, creative development, production, packaging and fulfilment.


We also created our own MRS-accredited research and insights platform to give you benchmarked and honest results, insights and recommendations at the end of your campaign.

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