Increase First-Party Data

Owned marketing activity presents a fantastic opportunity to collect first-party data directly from your target audience.
First-party data is critical for understanding your audience, driving personalised experiences, and building long-term relationships with your customers while maintaining trust and compliance with data privacy regulations.

Why first-party data?

In this new post-cookie landscape, prioritising first-party data is more important than ever. Unlike third-party data, which often lacks transparency, first-party data is data willingly shared by users who engage directly with your brand. As such, it’s the most accurate and reliable source of information on their behaviour and preferences. First-party data enables you to tailor marketing, promotions and product features to their preferences, leading to better engagement and loyalty.

Our Insight solutions are seamlessly embedded within your marketing campaigns, enabling you to build consumer transparency and trust with upfront surveys to obtain data. Trusted by leading UK brands, we empower businesses to gather invaluable first-party data, amplify their customer’s voices to cultivate brand loyalty and gain deep insights into consumer behaviour of both existing and potential customers.

Solving your first-party data collection pains

Your pain points:
  • Comprehensive data: New or small brands may struggle with limited data availability due to small customer bases.
  • GDPR- and legal compliance: Brands must navigate complex but essential consent management to avoid fines.
  • Accuracy and reliability: Incomplete or inaccurate information may skew data analysis, creating ineffective decisions that don’t truly resonate with customers.
  • Engagement: Depending on the incentive for your audience, they may not be motivated to go the extra mile in sharing their thoughts. With today’s busy landscape, cutting through the noise and capturing audience engagement for data collection can be challenging, especially amidst growing privacy concerns.
Relish’s solutions:
  • Relish Insights platform facilitates the collection of comprehensive first-party data, offering a detailed understanding of consumer preferences and behaviours. We can work alongside any kind of campaign, to ensure we’re reaching as much of your target audience as possible.
  • Our Relish Insights offering is fully GDPR and legally compliant, as you would expect, and follows the MRS code of conduct to guarantee high-quality data outputs.
  • With Try.Love.Buy, our trusted B2C brand, we offer fun feedback surveys and lead capture services on your behalf. While working to stringent GDPR guidelines, we take the stress out of data capture by finding every opportunity to improve customer engagement. On average, our lead capture forms have an opt-in rate of 38%, with some brands achieving as much as 58% opt-in!
  • Our Try.Love.Buy value exchange system allows users to provide feedback in exchange for a chance to win a voucher. This exchange creates highly effective response rates, often up to 10 times higher than standard CTA response rates.

Why Relish?


MRS-accredited insights team

We work to the industry’s highest market research standards, guaranteeing high-quality qualitative and quantitative data outputs.


Real-time data reporting

See how your products is landing with customers from the very start of your activation.


Dedicated, passionate experts

We’re the UK’s largest sampling team, with over 10 years of experience working with the big brands and partner retailers.

Our approach

Integrated, targeted product sampling campaigns unique to your KPIs

At Relish, we work with each client to design and implement product sampling campaigns using a tailored blend of channels.

Our experts are here to do what we’ve learned is best to meet your campaign goals across planning, targeting, creative development, production, packaging, and fulfilment.


We also created our own MRS-accredited research and insights platform to give you benchmarked and honest results, insights, and recommendations at the end of your campaign.

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