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Volvic drove taste trials of L'mon via selected takeaway restaurants, delivered by on demand providers.

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About Volvic

Volvic Natural Mineral Water comes from one of Europe’s largest nature reserves in the Auvergne region of France. Starting as rain, the water falls over the unique mountainous landscape and is filtered for 5 years through 6 layers of volcanic rock, beneath their famous Volcano.


The Goals

Volvic were looking to drive trial and brand awareness of L’mon as the product was launching into OOH channels (On Trade & Foodservice). Relish proposed the solution of a sampling campaign via our food delivery partners to align with the Volvic strategy of OOH channels.


The Strategy

Relish facilitated a partnership between Danone our take away partners placing samples straight into consumer orders. The overall campaign reach was 23.8k with only 9.5k samples distributed.

Data was collected to provide Danone with an insight into the distribution of their samples via these food delivery channels.


The Outcome

They found that 72% of samples were distributed to those who spent more than £20 on their orders and 79.9% during dinner orders.

They were also able to track that over 75 London restaurants participated in distribution with 39% of restaurant partners stating that they saw an increase in their ratings and a 4.3 campaign rating from restaurant partners.


‘A great activation, our customers truly enjoyed the samples’
Restaurant partner, Wembley.

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