Specific Targeting at Scale

Time unique marketing for maximum engagement by as many audience groups as your campaign demands.
Times have changed: with just under 14% of new magazine titles available now compared to 1996, and UK being one of the world largest e-commerce markets at 60 million shoppers, can you afford not to follow your audience where they shop?

Can you get specific customer targeting at scale?

In the old days, subcultures thrived offline and in print materials like magazines. With these vastly reducing over the last 30 years, retail brands and digital spaces have gradually expanded to fill the gaps they’ve left behind. From Harry Potter fans to the iconic goth subculture, from bulb growers to coin collectors, your audience browses and buys somewhere.

By utilising tailored despatch and fulfilment solutions for your product sampling campaign, we harness the power of niche retailers. With Relish, you can ensure your campaign maintains specific customer targeting, with volumes starting at 10,000. Once we have identified the right retail partner for you, we can place your product sample or leaflet in customer’s order.

Solving your customer targeting pains

Your pain points: 
  • Data: Demographic information isn’t always enough, brands need to be able target consumers via their habits and preferences for truly effective marketing. Data on niche audience groups may be scarce or fragmented, especially as cookie legislation makes segmentation harder. This makes it difficult for brands to develop accurate audience profiles, impacting reach.
  • Engagement: Crafting tailored messaging that resonates with niche audiences requires deeply understanding their unique preferences, interests, and pain points, but it’s this that creates the best results, especially in crowded digital spaces.
  • Scale: Scaling campaigns to reach niche audiences while maintaining effectiveness can be complex.
  • Cost: Targeting niche audiences often requires specialised marketing tactics and channels, which can be more expensive than mass-market approaches.
Relish’s solutions: 
  • Data: We continually work with our retailer partner network to provide and update a wealth of profile data for efficient customer targeting.
  • Engagement: With this data and our own 10 years experience in creating the best product sampling campaigns behind us, we place your samples into customers orders with the best retailer for your audience. In a perfect retail partnerships, your marketing messages can truly shine, while reaching audiences motivated to engage.
  • Scale: Many Relish partner retailers have monthly distribution volumes ranging tens of thousances to millions. As print as declined, digital has boomed with consumers moving online, and we’ve made sure to follow them to the places, creating relationships with brands they love the most, ready to create targeted product sampling campaigns.
  • Cost: With the help of your dedicated Relish campaign manager, you can achieve economies of scale to keep campaign costs lows, without sacrificing specific customer targeting.

Why Relish?


One of the UK’s largest agencies dedicated to product sampling

And we’re award-winning to boot


Tailored blends of in and out of home sampling methods

We utlilise the right range of sampling methods to reach your consumers, campaign goals and budget constraints


Exclusive access to the Whistl Group UK-wide capabilities

With us you get not just product sampling experts, but experts in logistics, fulfilment and door drop marketing

Our approach

Integrated, targeted product sampling campaigns unique to your KPIs

At Relish, we work with each client to design and implement product sampling campaigns using a tailored blend of channels. Our experts are here to do what we’ve learned is best to meet your campaign goals across planning, targeting, creative development, production, packaging and fulfilment.

We also created our own MRS-accredited research and insights platform to give you benchmarked and honest results, insights and recommendations at the end of your campaign.

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