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'Try, love, buy' is the timeless principle behind sampling, so we've reinvented it for today's customers.
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Matching customers with products they’ll love

Our skill is getting your product into the hands of the folk most likely to love it. What’s the surest route to their hearts? Through the online retailers they already buy from.

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Likes are nice, love is better

When people who live on social media have tried and enjoyed your wares, they’re going to share that love with their network. People buy things passionately recommended by family and friends.

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What is product sampling and why your brand should be considering it


This video displays the simple journey from start to finish of our most popular type of product sampling.


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Product sampling agency leading the way in marketing. Thought about getting your samples inside delivery orders? We are the sample agency you need.

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As you can see, distributing your product samples and marketing messages via Relish puts you in the best company.

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We’ve placed products for these great brands

Let’s talk about which of our partners – and their customers – will have the greatest synergy with your products.

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Listen to our partners' and customers' instead. Excuse us while we blush!

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