Event Marketing

Supercharge brand awareness & boost engagement at your events, connect with potential customers or build a bigger & stronger network.

Relish is the leading event marketing agency in the UK, with a unique gift for tailoring campaign activations to get your brand noticed!

Our promotional events are designed around your business goals to ensure that your campaign gets the results you want and need. Relish’s superior campaign reports arm you with insightful and actionable consumer data that you won’t get anywhere else!


Relish has elevated businesses like yours with events such as:

How Relish Event Marketing Works



Event marketing is the promotion of a brand, service, or product through memorable experiences or promotional events. It typically involves direct interaction with a brand’s representatives to leave the best and long lasting impression.



Anywhere your customers will be, from a workplace to a store to a station, at a convention, exhibition or function, or simply on the street.



The Relish team and our exclusive Brand Ambassadors are expert experience creators. Expect drama, personality and maximum uptake.

Drive Trials

Handing out your product samples during an event is one of the most common ways of positively driving trials. Reach a captive audience who are open to grabbing one of your products. It’s relatively easy, simple, and it gives you the chance to hear the customer’s feedback then and there.

Brand Development

Event marketing has always been a successful marketing strategy to raise brand awareness and get people talking about your product.

Consumer Engagement

Having your brand ambassadors involved with promotional events boosts the customer experience and positive effects towards a brand/product.

Boost Traffic

With all the extra attention from your target audience you naturally see an increase to website traffic and product curiosity leading to enquiries/sales.

Gain Followers

After falling for your brand and interacting with the product and brand ambassadors, you’ll find your social platforms start blowing up.

Discover how product sampling could work for you

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