Office Product Sampling

Relish always offers the channel that is most convenient and relevant to your audience. If your customer spends a large part of their life routine at work, or your product is specifically aimed at their work life; it makes sense to reach them there instead of at home. Commuter breakfast, afternoon energy boosters and after work drinks are all excellent examples of sampling campaigns we have ran with office sampling.

How Relish can support with workplace sampling


  • Target offices and organisations that best suit your target audience
  • Manage the workplace sampling campaign from start to finish
  • Provide an in-depth survey with verbatim employee feedback on your product
  • Targeting office locations of your choice
  • Support with print and production of supporting collateral


Why workplace sampling works

Campaign segmentation and targeting

Based on your audience and product type, Relish will recommend suitable businesses to send samples, or follow your lead and source organisations of your choice.

Workplace sampling activation

Your sample is received in the workplaces, potentially with additional marketing collateral.

Reporting and product feedback

Your target audience are also encouraged and incentivised to leave feedback on their sample as part of their journey.

Check out a workplace sampling case study:

What products does workplace product sampling work well for?


  • Leaflets
  • Alcohol
  • Sweet or savoury treats
  • Vitamins or supplements
  • Soft drinks
  • On the go snacks

How does product sampling in offices integrate with a wider marketing strategy?


Sampling in the workplace is great for peer-to-peer sampling. There are superb opportunities to reach office workers during their breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks or Friday drinks. We can even target specific locations close to a brick and mortar that stock your product to encourage repeat purchase. Let’s discuss how we can reach your working customers at the time of day when they’ll be most receptive.

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