Office Product Sampling

People always welcome a surprise treat at work. And they're keen to share their enjoyment with customers and colleagues.

Sampling in the workplace is great for peer-to-peer sampling. There are superb opportunities to reach office workers during their breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks or Friday drinks. Let’s discuss how we can reach your working customers at the time of day when they’ll be most receptive.

Why workplace sampling works

Try it, Love it

Based on your audience and product type, Relish will recommend suitable places to send samples.

Buy it

Your sample is received in the workplace, potentially with additional marketing collateral.


Your sample is enjoyed by your target audience and their peers. They are also encouraged to leave feedback as part of their journey.

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Discover how product sampling could work for you

We don’t have a price list because we tailor every workplace campaign to that product and brand. Complete the below enquiry form, and we’ll discuss your needs straightaway.

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