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How Ribena avoided over 200k samples going to waste.

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About Ribena

The iconic blackcurrant drink was invented in WW11 to provide children and expectant mothers’ with much needed vitamin C. Decades following, Ribena is still a firm favourite found in most households kitchen cupboards.


The Goals

Ribena had over 200k samples of 1litre bottles of Frusion with less than 6 months sell by date. Instead of those samples going to waste we introduced them to an easy, highly effective way to not only avoid waste but to also increase brand and product awareness.


The Strategy

As Ribena were looking to target health conscious, on-the-move individuals who wouldn’t normally drink the original Ribena because of the sugar content, we partnered their sampling activation with our retailer Musclefood. Perfect for their everyday, healthy eating consumers who are on the go, receiving their sample straight to home.


The Outcome

This campaign accumulated an organic social reach of over 391k and achieved a positive sentiment score of 80%.

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