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Digital Sampling

Amplify your message through our retail partners' customer communications.

Digital sampling can work in conjunction with your sampling campaign or alone - utilising social media, CRM emails, Gift With Purchase, influencer marketing or even AV channels, digital sampling means you can extend your campaign reach tenfold.

At Relish, we source retailers that have the most suitable reach to your target audience and find the most suitable digital sampling channel in line with your campaign goals and KPIs.


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Digital Sampling with Relish


Digital sampling campaigns utilise the valuable digital spaces of our retailer partners to enhance the perception of your brand, while exposing you to lots of interested potential customers – likely much more than you’d have the budget or volume to sample to. Some of our retailers have millions of social media followers!


We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to support digital sampling campaigns across:


  • Subscription services (food, beauty, supplements)
  • Fashion
  • Pet items
  • Charities
  • Perishable items
  • Jewellery

Why Relish?


Best-in-market retail partner relationships

We’re continually growing and getting closer to our retail partners network of the UK’s biggest brand.


Dedicated campaign support

Our team is on hand to support you throughout every step of your activation.


High-quality campaign analysis

Our MRS Accredited Consumer Insights platform provides the highest quality data to support your campaign launch and measure impact post-campaign.

How Digital Sampling works with Relish

Our team of experts can provide all information on your estimated online reach with any activity, to ascertain proof of performance. We can sync up your digital partnership with the perfect retailer at a prime time for your company, like a public holiday, or aligning with any promotions to boost sales and brand awareness.


We can also manage the entirety of a supporting sampling campaign alongside a digital partnership.

“Relish are great at consistently providing new and cost effective routes to sample with online businesses for Craft and our clients, this speeds up our ability to make clear choices, without having to go round the houses with individual companies.”

Sam Fowler , Partner, Craft Media Sam Fowler Partner, Craft Media

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