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Reaching 2.8 million noses is not to be sniffed at

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2 million samples of Angel and Alien fragrance samples were distributed through online orders of multiple fashion retailers to reach a large audience. The campaign was spread across 7 months to maximise the impact and length of time present on social media to help raise brand awareness.

Fashion conscious women aged between 16 and 35 years old


Customer response:

“ASOS gave me a free perfume sample with delivery and I’m debating returning the item so I can buy the perfume it’s that peng #peakonyouasos”

“So naughty of ASOS including the Alien perfume sample in  your order now I want to spend £50 on the full bottle”

“Hats of to @mugler & @ASOS for the best free sample ever, top marketing (except now I desperately want the alien perfum n can’t afford it!)”

“asos sent me a free sample of alien perfume and now I’ve just ended up paying £50 for a proper bottle, but it smells so good”

“This is the most amazing tester packet omg, also it smells amazing #Alien #Mugler #PrettyLittleThing #PLT”

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