Product Sampling


Showcase your product to potential customers, because the proof is in your pudding.
Your product is your most powerful sales tool, so getting it directly into potential customers’ hands is vital but can be difficult. And that’s where food sampling comes into play.
At Relish, we use our close, long-term relationships with trusted brands to enable you to access new markets and engage potential customers. We create strategic partnerships for advertisers with the right retailer sampling channels, always with your ideal industry alignment in mind.

Benefits of Product Sampling for FMCG

Boost brand awareness, share your new product with the world and increase sales with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) product sampling methods!

  • 74% of product samples reached new audiences
  • 92% of recipients enjoyed the sample they received
  • 84% were left with positive purchase intent

Data sourced directly from our consumer insights platform, Try.Love.Buy

Why FMCG Sampling Works


Reach new customers

Get your food sample into the hands (and mouths) of your target audience using carefully selected sampling channels, unlocking a new loyal customer base.


Get real love

Everybody loves free stuff, and over 90% of recipients think sampling is effective advertising and enjoyed the product they sampled.


Drive sales

Our consumer insights data shows that 84% of recipients are willing and inclined to purchase your product after receiving their free sample!

Relish's FMCG Sampling Solutions

As experts in FMCG sampling, with over 11 years of experience, we are well versed in partnering with meal subscription boxes, fashion retailers, beauty boxes (and many more channels) to execute food sampling campaigns that align with your goals and KPIs.


We have the facilities and expertise to manage your sample’s complete print and fulfilment requirements. Whether it’s allergen-focused, glass packaging or fragile goods, to ensure your sample reaches customers’ hands safely and in perfect condition, we’ve got your back.

We are proud to work with fantastic partners that can execute ambient or chilled food sampling campaigns. We also have experience in the logistical, transit and technical requirements of all FMCG products, so your campaign can be executed without a hitch.


Using our in-house consumer insights mechanic, TryLoveBuy, we collect GDPR-compliant data and reviews directly from samplers, so you can know exactly what potential customers think and feel about your product from their sample.

Why Relish?

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to launch the best product sampling and experiential marketing campaigns. Our team use their experience to tailor channels and tactics to meet your campaign goals. We step into your shoes for the whole process, from matching you with the best retail partner in our network to providing insightful analysis and recommendations. Whatever happens, we find the solution.

Let us find the right channel for you

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