Experiential Marketing

Supercharge brand awareness and spark emotional responses through strategically curated experiential campaigns.

Relish has discovered there’s no more effective way to bring a personal touch to promoting your products than with Experiential Marketing.

Our unique approach uses trained Brand Ambassadors, exclusive to Relish. Add our gift for attention-grabbing ideas and you’re sure to communicate your message by giving customers an unforgettable live experience.


How Experiential Marketing Works


What is experiential marketing?

We create an unmissable real life event to draw potential customers at their most receptive, eliciting emotional responses and breeding brand loyalty.


Where can you carry out experiential campaigns?

Anywhere your customers will be, from a workplace to a store to a station, at a convention, exhibition or function, or simply on the street.


Who does all the campaign planning?

The Relish team and our exclusive Brand Ambassadors are expert experience creators. Expect drama, personality and maximum uptake.

Product Sampling

Increase sales, build awareness and grow your brand. Sachet, miniature, or full-size, unlock markets with product sampling.
Product Sampling

Event Marketing

Market your brand, service, or product through memorable experiences or promotional events. It typically involves direct interaction with brand’s representatives.


Promotional Staffing


Using promotional staff for your brand activation can reach your target audience in person, creating positive emotional effects to your brand.
Promotional Staff

See for yourself what Relish experiential marketing has done for brands.

Experiential Marketing is the perfect way to add that personal touch to your campaigns. Utilising trained Brand Ambassadors and locations unique to Relish we are able to provide that extra step to insure your brand is received with the perfect communication.

Discover how product sampling could work for you

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