University Product Sampling

Millions of young adults (and some more mature ones) are leaving home and embarking on university careers. This is a pivotal moment to reach them with your brand. 81% of students are likely to treat themselves to non-essential items (up by 2.4% since May 2021), making them 21% more likely than the average UK consumer.

How Relish can support with University product sampling


  • Secure the best University locations for your sampling campaign
  • Support with deliveries of your samples to the campuses
  • Manage print and fulfilment to accompany your sample
  • Support with an experiential activation at Universities to give your campaign an extra buzz
  • Negotiate the best prices on your behalf for a cost-effective campaign

How University product sampling works


Identify your student audience

Identify whether you reach students via a premium ‘goody bag’ style offering, or as a solus experience.


Choose the right college

Relish will provide a list of suitable University institutions.


Graduate with honours

Your sample is received directly by the students. They know it is endorsed by their university. Try, love, buy works!

Check out this blog on University product sampling for more information:

What products does University sampling work well for?


  • Sweet and savoury treats
  • Convenience foods
  • Beauty and skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks

How does University product sampling integrate with a wider marketing strategy?


Some students may only enjoy certain brands during their time at Uni, whilst others will embark upon a lifetime of brand loyalty during this pivotal time in life. Either way, university product sampling can reach students in two ways: at their halls of residence or in their student unions. Product samples for students is a great way to build their brand loyalty and convert to a lifelong customer!


Discover how product sampling could work for you

We don’t have a price list because we tailor every University campaign to that product and brand. Complete the below enquiry form, and we’ll discuss your needs straightaway.

Popular channel FAQs

The quick answer is yes, but all samples/ products are subject to testing and approval. Relish can advise throughout the process.

This is dependent on the particular classification of haz-mat and which retailer you wish to work with. Some retailers may not have the insurance to do so, in which case Relish will advise in the early stages of planning. Some retailers may require additional packaging, some may have a size limit on haz mat, or some may be totally ok.

This is the most difficult material to distribute but Relish does work with 3 partners who can accept glass, ask us for more information.

Relish has executed multi product samples in the past, this is mainly to achieve the following: Lower cost per sample* or for multi occupancy households**.
*if someone has a brief with a very strict, low budget, Relish may offer to enquire about placing multiple (usually up to 3), samples into one customer order. This can help lower the unit cost. **if a brand is trying to encourage everyone in a house share or family to try a product, they may wish to sample to enough people in that household; For health and safety reasons and P&P restrictions, this may still be capped to 3 samples – but can help achieve this objective. Please ask Relish for more information.

In order to protect and respect our retail partners crucial supply chains, this information is typically kept confidential until sampling orders are confirmed. However, at Relish, we understand that this my be restrictive if you need a delivery address before you can release stock and thus confirm an order. In this instance, we can provide some information – however it is stipulated that no deliveries should be attempted until authorised by Relish. Any unauthorised deliveries can be rejected and no responsibility is taken for them.

Relish’s service is to provide our sampling advertisers with a guaranteed audience. Therefore, we can not necessarily commit or confirm to the sales uplift of your sampling campaign. However, if this is a crucial requirement, Relish can conduct an estimated forecast but will require the following: sales data from your previous 3 sampling campaigns, confirmation of the audience and sample format of the previous 3 campaigns and an understanding of concurrent ATL activity during both the previous 3 campaigns and the campaign being executed by Relish.

If Relish can obtain credit insurance on your business, you will be invoiced when the first sample is delivered and standard credit terms are 30 days*
*some accounts may be granted longer based on trading history.

At Relish we believe you should consider the inventory and budget you have available. Social media results have shown there is a much greater sentiment towards miniatures then samples, however research is still being conducted over the actual direct sales uplift between two formats. However, your sales cycle should also be considered. It could be argued that the sales uplift may occur some months later e.g. if you have been given a perfume sample – which you love – you may not go on to purchase the full size until your existing fragrance has ran out, or a when it is your birthday/ special event.

How quick can you go? If the space is available, Relish can execute campaigns from start to finish, in under a month. If you are hoping to execute a ‘full months run’ with one of our retailers, there may be a 3 month lead time to have a clear month.

Relish have a list of retailers who CAN sample products with allergens, these partners typically have a supply chain which is clearly communicated as not being suitable for allergies. Similarly, Relish does have some retailers which are NOT suitable for allergens as their customers have not be prewarned and we can not guarantee that consumers without allergies won’t be receiving these samples. Relish will advise when planning your campaign.

Relish is always looking for new talent, drop us a line with your CV and information about yourself and we can let you know what opportunities we have available!

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