Product Sampling

Increase sales, build awareness and grow your brand. Sachet, miniature, or full-size, unlock markets with product sampling.


Brand Loyalty

Hitting consumers at the right time is so important.

Driving Sales

75% people are more likely to buy the full size product after receiving a free sample.

Brand Awareness

74% of people who receive a free sample said their opinion of a brand would improve.

Brand Perception

91% of people think that sampling is an effective form of advertising for a brand.


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What is product sampling and why your brand should be considering it

This video displays the simple journey from start to finish of our most popular type of product sampling.

Product sampling is also a channel for experiential marketing. Experiential campaigns can cause a scene, attracting people to brands, create awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and boost brand loyalty.



With over 10 years experience, Relish are the current market leaders in product sampling. Based in Bristol and operating all over the UK and even internationally.


Why sampling works


Try it, love it

The timeless principle behind sampling. It’s based on a profound psychological insight into human nature: everybody loves receiving free stuff. 91% think that sampling is an effective form of advertising for a brand*


Buy it

73% of consumers say they’re likely to buy a product after receiving a sample in their order via Relish. Just 25% feel the same way after watching a TV commercial.



77% say that sampling one product will make them want to try more products from the same brand and 74% said their opinion of the brand would increase.

How product sampling works

Determine your goals

First figure out whether you’re looking to encourage trial, increase brand awareness, grow audience or drive engagement.

Define the audience

Then tell us the audience you’re trying to reach. Is it grocer shoppers, Gen Z’s, affluent, specific gender or even a certain geographic.

Find perfect partner

That way we can pair you with the right retail partner to make sure your goals are met and the target audience are available.

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Discover how product sanpling could work for you

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