Promotional Staff and Sampling

Experienced, professional and vibrant promotional staff to get your product directly into the hands of the public. Relish are one of the leading promotional staffing agencies in the UK, meaning we can find the people you need to get the results you want.

How Relish can help with promotional staff


  • Recruiting and briefing vibrant promotional staff and turning them into your brand ambassadors
  • Sourcing branded merchandise such as uniforms and sample bins to elevate the experience
  • Source the most suitable locations to activate your sampling campaign
  • Promotional staff can conduct demonstrations of your product and they can even support with data capture!

Why use promotional staff

Events matched to your audience

We create an unmissable real life event to catch potential customers at their most receptive. Whatever it takes to get people sampling your product.

Bring your product to live

Sharing your product where your future customers will be – from a workplace, a store, a train station, at a convention, exhibition, or function, or simply on the street.

Create an unforgettable experience

The Relish team and our exclusive Brand Ambassadors are expert experience creators. Expect drama, personality and maximum uptake.

What product does promotional staff + product sampling work for?


  • Flyers and leaflets
  • Sweet and savoury snacks
  • Frozen treats
  • Drinks – alcohol or otherwise!
  • Fragrance sampling
  • PR stunts

How can promotional staff integrate with a wider marketing strategy? 


If you’re thinking about hosting promotional events and need support staff members or temporary brand ambassadors to fulfil the complete brand experience, then our event managers and sampling staff can give your product or service the boost it needs to reach your potential customers.

All promo staff are energetic and approachable; and fully briefed on your product and campaign KPIs beforehand to deliver the experience to the best of our ability.

Discover how experiential could work for you

We don’t have a price list because we tailor every sampling campaign to that product and brand. Complete the below enquiry form, and we’ll discuss your needs straightaway.

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