Door Drop Sampling

Want to reach your target audience, at home in a relaxed environment? Direct mail sampling and letterbox coupon delivery could be the channel you’re looking for. The average person in the UK interacts with the average door drop 3.1 times a month. Whistl's in home sampling campaigns prove to be effective with brands seeing sales uplifts of circa 30% with some sales uplifts as high as 200%.

How Relish can support with door drop sampling


  • Secure the best locations for your door drop campaign by using in-depth analytical tools
  • Support with creative efforts of vouchers or coupons
  • Manage print and fulfilment of your coupons or product samples
  • Negotiate the best prices on your behalf for a cost-effective campaign
  • Door drop experts on hand to support you with your campaign, every step of the way
  • Reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly print materials
  • Support with A/B testing and trials for future campaigns

How door drop sampling works

Opt-in schemes to ensure no product wastage

With a two-day approach, we are able to reach and deliver products to only the homes that opt-in for the product. Perfect for large items, pet food or personal care. Rest assured no product samples will be thrown away!

Reach your target audience through their letterbox

Gift your consumer! A highly targetable way to reach homes, a letterbox-able product sample creates strong returns. Perfect for small sachets or mini-product pack sizes.

Incentivise purchase with a coupon

A cost-effective way to incentivise product purchase is with a money off voucher. Allowing national reach, or a geo-segmented approach, and flexibility of creativity for as little as 6-10p per home.

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What products does door drop sampling work well for?


  • Pet products
  • Personal care
  • Household items
  • Trial of a subscription service
  • Items not suitable for traditional product sampling
  • Fashion and jewellery

How does door drop sampling integrate with a wider marketing strategy?


Now Relish are part of the Whistl Group, this adds an additional sampling channel to our extensive portfolio – and now you can, too. We have the capabilities to support with in-depth geo-segmentation, whilst also enabling you to reach a target audience that may not typically utilise e-commerce channels or reinforce those who do!

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