Bespoke Projects

From Advent Calendar marketing, Calendar product sampling, beauty boxes, gift sets, and bespoke offerings… At Relish, we can produce and build creative solutions from the brief of your Bespoke Project Campaign.

How Relish can support your Bespoke Projects

  • Dedicated project management throughout, from concept to delivery
  • Help facilitate and produce all elements of construction through our print and packaging solutions based in the UK, EU & US
  • Product sourcing from multiple brands to create consortium offerings or working bespoke with a brand to produce a solus offering.
  • Global Fulfilment and storage warehouses
  • International collections/deliveries fully managed.
  • Pick and packing of products that can be labelled up and delivered into your warehouse, or direct to the consumer.


How Bespoke Projects Work

Physical production and build of the product

Watch us bring your product to life! We facilitate and produce all elements of project construction.

Sourcing the perfect products for your audience

We findthe brands/products/advertisers that will feature in the creation.

Bespoke project management

Supporting you throughout, we’ll run/oversee all elements from concept creation through to delivery. We’re here every step of the way.

What products does Bespoke Projects and sampling work well for?

Male grooming
Sweet treats

How does Bespoke Projects and product sampling integrate with a wider marketing strategy?

If you’re thinking about creating a bespoke product for your treasured customer base or audience, to boost brand awareness or provide an irresistible offer, Relish can help you every step of the way. Share with us your ideas, however crazy they may seem, and we can manage the entire project from a scribble on a notebook to a beautifully one-of-a-kind, bespoke item.

Discover how product sampling could work for you

We don’t have a price list because we tailor every calendar campaign to that product and brand. Complete the below enquiry form, and we’ll discuss your needs straightaway.

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