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Rafaello driving product trial and raising brand awareness

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About Rafaello

Rafaello is a spherical coconut-almond truffle that Italian manufacturer Ferrero brought to the market in 1990.

The Goals

Their strategy for this sampling campaign was to drive trial of their product and to increase brand awareness through sampling.

The Strategy

As they were looking to target an ABC1 female audience aged between 20-40 years old, we paired them with our partners, Roccabox and Glossybox to run a sampling campaign. Both retailers produce expertly approved boxes full of luxury products straight to your door.

The Outcome

Adding Try.Love.Buy to these campaigns was key to capturing campaign data and consumer insights. Which saw a response rate of 1,122 entries.

Here were some of their findings:

61.3% had a positive opinion change of the brand as a result of the sampling

32.2% had never tried the product before

63.7% had not seen Rafaello advertised recently

77.7 NPS score. This indicates most of the respondents are advocates for the brand and will talk about it with their peers

96% agreed/strongly agrees that Rafaello had a great taste

93% said they would probably/definitely purchase the product

By having Try.Love.Buy included in their sampling campaign they were able to validate the audience, provide usable quotations for marketing on likes & enjoyment plus it provided evidence that 2 out of 3 recipients had a positive opinion change of the brand.

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