Product Sampling


Buying a new perfume is costly for customers, especially without the chance to trial.
As industry wisdom tells us, the best way to sell your fragrance is to encourage customers to smell it for themselves. With fragrance sampling, your potential customers get to wear it all day to test its longevity and dry-down – revealing the true beauty of your scent.
At Relish, we can help you market your fragrance through multiple channels, be it an e-commerce website to sell your fragrance for direct purchase, or more “out of the box” channels like subscription boxes or an experiential event!

Benefits of Product Sampling for the Fragrance Industry

Get your perfume or cologne directly under customers’ noses in the comfort of their own homes with fragrance sampling!

Data sourced directly from our insights platform, Try.Love.Buy

Why Fragrance Sampling Works


Reach new customers

Get your fragrance under the noses of your target audience with carefully selected sampling channels to unlock a new customer base.


Drive sales

73% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product after receiving a sample in their order via Relish, compared to only 25% after watching a TV commercial.


Get real love

We don’t find it surprising that fragrance sampling is one of our most popular campaign activations – almost 100% of recipients enjoyed their free fragrance samples!

Relish's Fragrance Sampling Solutions

We are experts in fragrance sampling, with over 11 years’ experience in partnering fragrance retailers with subscription boxes, fashion retailers, beauty boxes (and many more!) to execute the perfect fragrance sampling campaign.


At Relish we have the facilities and experience to manage both print and fulfilment of your fragrance samples.

Be it in scent seal, glass or plastic vials, we can ensure your fragrance reaches customers safely, ready to spritz and wow everyone around them.


Using our in-house data and insights mechanic, TryLoveBuy, we collect GDPR-compliant data and reviews directly from samplers, so you get to know exactly what potential customers are thinking and feeling about your product.

Driving Tommy Hilfiger’s sales on

Tommy Hilfiger was looking to drive awareness and sales of their new product on Relish facilitated their partnership to ensure the new fragrance reached the hands of potential customers safely, securely and undamaged. With this, the fragrance sampling campaign resulted in a +214% sales uplift for the entire product line.

Why Relish?

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to launch the best product sampling and experiential marketing campaigns. Our team use their experience to tailor channels and tactics to meet your campaign goals. We step into your shoes for the whole process, from matching you with the best retail partner in our network to providing insightful analysis and recommendations. Whatever happens, we find the solution.

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