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About Peppadew

Over 25 years ago, the discovery of a bright red pepper in the hills of Limpopo, South Africa has evolved into a global food brand, perfect for restaurant chefs and home cooks alike.

From the famous red piquanté peppers, to Jalapeño and spicy crunches. Peppadew® have an offering perfect to elevate your meal.

The Goals

Peppadew® wanted to encourage trial of their NPD Piquanté Pepper Sauce Pots and get potential new customers trying Peppadew®. Additionally, Peppadew® wanted to gather reviews on the Piquanté Pepper Sauce, and did so utilising our Consumer Insights platform, TryLoveBuy.

The Strategy

Relish facilitated a partnership between Peppadew® and our takeaway partners, meaning a wide audience could be targeted at prime time as they would be ready to taste the sample immediately with their meals.

10,000 Peppadew® Piquanté Pepper Sauce Pots samples were distributed in takeaway orders across London and Manchester, to be included in orders that contained Pizza, Chips and Burgers as the perfect pairing.

The Outcome

59% of consumers who received the Peppadew® Picante Pepper Sauce enjoyed it alongside their dinner orders.

Respondents expressed overwhelming positivity in their product reviews, with the flavour combination wowing audiences. Reviews gathered from our Consumer Insights platform mainly focused on the product’s great flavour and the perfect balance of spice and sweetness it provides.

Respondents also identified a number of different serving pairings, highlighted the product as unique in the market, expressing intent to add it into their household condiment range.

“The perfect accompaniment to our chicken and fries – perfect for dipping! Thanks a lot!”

As well as establishing that the majority of recipients enjoyed their sample – our Market Research Society Accredited Consumer Insight service, which adheres to a strict Code of Conduct to ensure the highest data collection, handling and processing standards, empowered Peppadew to utilise user-generated content and product reviews across their marketing activity and bolster their online presence via third-party review sites.

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