Product Sampling


Faced with countless options, getting customers to choose your beverage is more difficult than ever before.
With countless tempting options lined up in supermarkets, pubs and corner shops, getting your alcoholic or soft drink past your competitors and into the hands of target customers is more difficult than ever. While you could utilise many channels and tactics in your marketing strategy, there’s no better way to get potential customers’ attention than trying before they buy.
With Relish, you can partner with leading meal subscription boxes that showcase your product as that perfect accompaniment to a home-cooked meal, surprise and delight potential customers alongside their latest takeaway, or add a touch of glamour within the beauty box on their doorstep.

Benefits of Alcohol and Soft Drinks Sampling

Get liquid on lips to boost sales, reach new audiences and drive brand awareness with beverage sampling!

  • 79% of alcoholic samples reached new audiences
  • 89% of recipients enjoyed the alcoholic sample they received, while 90% enjoyed their soft drink sample
  • 73% reported an intent to purchase after tasting their sample

Data sourced directly from our consumer insights platform,Try.Love.Buy

Why Drinks Sampling Works


Reach new customers

Turn your drink your target customer’s new favourite tipple through sampling partners hand-picked by Relish to align with your campaign messaging and goals.


Get real love

In our research, just over 89% of potential customers who received alcohol and soft drink samples enjoyed the drink sample they received.


Rinse and repeat

77% of sampling recipients say that sampling one product makes them want to try more products from the same brand, so one sampling campaign can even bring greater returns for your other products

Relish's Drinks Sampling Solutions

Drinks sampling can be a tricky field to work in. Our team has over 11 years of experience in beverage marketing and sampling working on campaigns of all formats and sizes. Alcohol, glass, carbonated cans – you name it, we’ve done it all with some of the UK’s leading brands, honing our expertise along the way. That means that today, our expert team is able to find the perfect channels to execute your campaign in a way that aligns with your campaign’s target audience, goals and KPIs.


Relish can support all your beverage sampling needs. Be it age verification, experiential or guerrilla marketing, HFSS compliance, and “prime time” sampling, we’re here at every turn to help make your product  your customer’s new favourite tipple.

We also support the delivery of your product sampling activities by providing protective packaging, bespoke gift boxes with your campaign collaborators, and keeping drinks chilled. Because we know how important it is that every product sample arrives in perfect condition for your potential new customers.


Using our in-house consumer insights machine, TryLoveBuy, we collect GDPR-compliant data and reviews directly from samplers, so you get to know exactly what potential customers think and feel about your product.

Tanqueray x Relish: in time for summer

In 2022, Relish facilitated a successful partnership between Tanqueray and handpicked food takeaway delivery partners aligned with their campaign goals. Tanqueray wanted to place samples with multiple carriers to encourage more product trials while testing the efficiency of product sampling as a marketing channel for their products.

We worked hard with Tanqueray to find takeaway partners that fit their target audience, enabling age verification at the door, a fundamental need for the campaign. Our carriers worked closely with Tanqueray to turn the campaign around quickly in time for summer. At the same time, Relish enabled the printing, fulfilment, and delivery of A6 leaflets to drive sales alongside the drinks samples.

Why Relish?

We’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands to launch the best product sampling and experiential marketing campaigns. Our team use their experience to tailor channels and tactics to meet your campaign goals. We step into your shoes for the whole process, from matching you with the best retail partner in our network to providing insightful analysis and recommendations. Whatever happens, we find the solution.

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