Boost Sales

Drive purchases of your product by enabling your customers to try before they buy.
Product sampling lowers barriers to entry, enabling customers to see with their own eyes how your product can make their lives better. With some brands gaining sales uplifts as high as 214%, can you really afford to not use this tool in your next campaign?

Continually improving or increasing sales is what business is all about. Whether you’re seeking growth, increasing profitability, or maintaining your competitive advantage in a busy landscape, sales are crucial to meeting your goals and keeping operations going. With various sales strategies and initiatives to deploy, it can be hard to know which to start and how to focus your marketing to drive conversions.

We work across various sampling tactics and channels, to drive trial and increase sales for your product. This includes introducing your product to consumers via sampling deliveries into consumers' homes or on the street. In a competitive and often over-saturated marketplace, product sampling helps you cut through the noise and reach your desired audience. It’s a cost-effective way to drive trial & awareness of your product, encouraging consumers to go on to purchase, boosting sales and acquiring new customers.

Solving your sales pains

Your pain points:
  • Engagement: It can be hard to engage consumers effectively in crowded markets where attention is scarce. It may be difficult to show the uniqueness of your product, against a backdrop of competitor products with similar features or benefits.
  • Trust: Building consumer trust is essential for driving sales, but many consumers are sceptical of advertising and promotional messaging, preferring word-of-mouth marketing from friends, family or trusted influencers. It’s then difficult to convince consumers to try new products if they are hesitant to commit without firsthand experience.
  • Cost: Traditional marketing tactics can be expensive and may not always deliver the desired return on investment, especially when it comes to conversion.
  • Measurement: Attributing the success of conversion tactics in marketing can be tricky, especially when trying to move beyond last-click attribution.
Relish’s solutions:
  • Engagement: Product sampling provides a tangible and interactive experience that captures consumers’ interest and encourages them to engage directly. You can showcase unique selling points and demonstrate clearly how your product stands out, helping to create a distinct identity in consumers’ minds.
  • Trust: Product sampling provides a tangible demonstration of your best qualities, allowing samplers to have firsthand experiences to influence their own opinion, as well as gathering trusted reviews that can be published and used throughout your marketing. This generally leads to higher sales after sampling, with many customers also making repeat purchases after this.
  • Cost: We provide cost-effective solutions to drive customer acquisition and increase the visibility of your products in your target market.
  • Measurement: With Relish you can access an award-winning insights and research platform to provide valuable feedback post-campaign, including purchase intent and feedback on the samples.

Why Relish?


Dedicated campaign team

You will have the support of a dedicated team, for the whole campaign, from the initial discussion about your KPI’s to the Post Campaign Analysis once the campaign has been successfully executed.


Any campaign size

We can work with any budgets or sample volumes, large or small!


Retailers and channels

We have a broad variety of retailers and sampling channels for you to access – in-home fashion, food, office, students and experiential to name but a few. So there is bound to be one to match your KPI’s and target audience.

Our approach

Integrated, targeted product sampling campaigns unique to your KPIs

At Relish, we work with each client to design and implement product sampling campaigns using a tailored blend of channels. Our experts are here to do what we’ve learned is best to meet your campaign goals across planning, targeting, creative development, production, packaging and fulfilment.


We also created our own MRS-accredited research and insights platform to give you benchmarked and honest results, insights and recommendations at the end of your campaign.

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