Why Relish

Why Relish

Product sampling with Relish give your consumers direct experiences with your product, naturally enabling them to create more meaningful, genuine reviews.

Why we’re so dedicated:

  • Bigger – we want your brand and your sales to be bigger after you’ve spent time with us, then they were before we worked together
  • Better – together we can create better campaigns and strive for more
  • Stronger – we want your performance to give you stronger data and more robust learnings
  • Louder – we want your message to be louder than your competitors


We continue to grow, train, learn and bond.  Whether that is embracing new AI tools, knowing the latest is on cookie policies, updates from DPO’s, ISO policies, planning practices, printer sustainability credentials, you name it – we want to know to keep your campaign safe and performing well.

Why Choose Relish?


A wide range of solutions

After pioneering the sample industry by placing samples into online orders, Relish set about broadening it’s tool kit to confidently place samples in all environments. We’re confident we will have a channel and plan, suitable for your campaigns needs.


Real-time data monitoring and reporting

See how your product is landing with customers from the word ‘go’!


Dedicated, passionate experts

We’re the UK’s largest sampling team, with over 100 years of experience working with the big brands and partner retailers.

Our approach

Integrated, targeted product sampling campaigns unique to your KPIs


At Relish, we work with each client to design and implement product sampling campaigns using a tailored blend of channels.  We believe bigger impacts come from stronger collaborations, this drives better results and we want to be loud about it.


Our experts are here to do what we’ve learned is best to meet your campaign goals across planning, targeting, production, packaging and fulfilment. We also created our own MRS-accredited research and insights platform to give you benchmarked and honest results, leading to more informed recommendations at the end of your campaign.

100 yrs

Of combined experience within the team


How many samples we’ve delivered. We’ve done the learning so you don’t have to!


Uplift in sales. With many campaigns achieving 6 figure % sales increase, ask us about these results!

In Home Sampling

Deliver samples directly into your customers’ homes, ready for them to engage with at their convenience.

Learn about in home sampling

Out of Home Sampling

Make your customers’ day with product samples and experiences wherever they are.

Learn about out of home sampling

Relish have a range of solutions to best suit your business

Don’t just take our word for it

Listen to our partners and customers instead. Excuse us while we blush!

Frequently asked questions

The quick answer is yes, but all samples/ products are subject to testing and approval. Relish can advise throughout the process.

This is dependent on the particular classification of hazmat and which retailer you wish to work with. Some retailers may not have the insurance to do so, in which case Relish will advise in the early stages of planning. Some retailers may require additional packaging, some may have a size limit on haz mat, or some may be totally ok.

This is the most difficult material to distribute but Relish does work with multiple partners who can accept glass, ask us for more information

Relish has executed multi product samples in the past, this is mainly to achieve the following: Lower cost per sample* or for multi occupancy households**.
*if someone has a brief with a very strict, low budget, Relish may offer to enquire about placing multiple (usually up to 3), samples into one customer order. This can help lower the unit cost. **if a brand is trying to encourage everyone in a house share or family to try a product, they may wish to sample to enough people in that household; For health and safety reasons and P&P restrictions, this may still be capped to 3 samples – but can help achieve this objective. Please ask Relish for more information.

Sample our same-day service

Contact the Relish team at any time to explore how a sampling campaign could work for your brand. We promise one of our top team will get back to you the same day for a free, no-obligation chat.

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