Year 10 student takes over Relish marketing

Written by Kartini Sutoto 17 June 2022

That’s right! This week we have had the pleasure of our first ever work experience student at Relish and it definitely wont be the last. It was amazing to see the progression of a 15 year old girl who started the week shy, timid and a little lost, then end the week being able to look back and say she has successfully gained knowledge in:


Social media marketing
Print and production
Creative design
Content writing

Annabel wanted to have a go at blog writing so here is her first ever blog! 

My name’s Annabel and I’m 15 doing a week of work experience at Relish Agency in Bristol. Everyone in my school is also spending their week in work experience at their place of choice, to gain practical skills and a taste of the ‘real world’, so I’m going to explain why I chose to do mine at Relish and what I hope to get out of it.

I’m interested in business and marketing, and hope to develop my understanding of them throughout the week. Since Relish is local to where I live, and highly consists of my interests, I knew it would be the perfect place to work. Also, I am aware of the sampling that Relish does, and was intrigued to learn more about the way they do it so successfully.

So far, my week has consisted of having a one on one talk about what Relish is about and how it works – which I found interesting and informative to know. I also had a visit to the printers with 2 other people, and it was enjoyable to learn how significant that role is in business. After that, I had an introduction to Try Love Buy, which I thought was a very successful way of collecting data whilst also pleasing customers – and today I’ve been learning about Marketing. I’ve learned about how significant marketing and branding are to the way a business is viewed by customers. I have also created posts, promoting what kind of things Relish does, which I did on their Instagram and Linkedin pages.

By the end of the week I hope to have extended my knowledge of business, marketing and sampling as much as I can, and develop my skills of working in a different environment. I personally think Relish is a particularly good place to work, not only because it’s a creative job, but because everyone who works here is kind and encouraging. I also love the idea of working in an agency because everyone works really well together, and it makes working enjoyable and efficient.


Annabel told us that social media marketing was her favourite. You can see the posts she created here:
Instagram #summertime
Instagram #meettheteam
Linkedin #fooddeliverysampling
We are incredibly proud and would recommend any business to take on work experience candidates, you can learn so much from them. We are all so amazed by her work this week and wish her all the best for her future.
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