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2020 – The year brands had to move to ‘Plan B’

It is January 2020 and you are sat discussing the year ahead. Euro 2020, summer festivals and holidays abroad – the norm, right? This year has thrown up many unknowns and these unprecedented times look set to continue (for now at least). Working from home, empty football stadiums, quiet towns and social distancing are now the new norm.  

One thing that has remained consistent though is the consumer. Even with redundanciesfurloughed employees and reduced wages, we have continued to spend online. Of course, in some industries spending is down but there are more people buying online than ever before. Hermes are investing £100 million to create 10,500 jobs, new tech, depots and more to meet the demand of people shopping from home. 

So what does this mean for the marketing industry? 

Barclays recently reported that online purchasing was up by 7.6% YOY while in-store purchasing fell by a staggering 29.4% in the same period. KANTAR also reported that a global survey showed that a staggering 83% of people were unsupportive of social spaces reopening mainly due to their hesitation around the safety measures in place. So, what does that mean for both short term and long-term advertising opportunities?  

Digital marketing has seen a huge growth, however itinerary can be limited and costs have increasedOOH is another option however with less people commuting to work and towns quieter than ever before, impressions will of course be reduced.  

Plans were in place for so many brands this summer – festivals, shopping centres, supermarkets, pop-ups and freshers’ fairs to name a few. All of these have been seriously under threat due to event cancellations or restrictive social distancing limiting the footfall; these events and interactions will just not be the same as they come back. So how are brands going to physically interact with consumers?  

Plan B – Online retailer sampling 

Here at Relish, we pride ourselves on delivering targeted campaigns through our extensive portfolio of online retailers. Whether it’s a carbonated drink, breakfast cereal or a new pet food, Relish have the ability to target specific demographics to get your brand in hand – it really is that simple! 

So why sample through online retailers? 

  • Low-cost route to an engaged and loyal audience 
  • Harness the surprise and delight of free gift 
  • Reach consumers in a positive, purchasing frame of mind 
  • Aspirational partner brands establish credibility  
  • Zero wastage – every individual product reaches a potential new customer 


Interested to see how Relish can help your brand through our extensive retailer portfolio? Get in touch today to chat in more detail – click here. 

- Ben Bestford (12/08/2020)

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