Stay in, stay safe and keep sampling

Written by Jonny Hall 01 April 2020
It’s never been more important to surprise and delight your customers. In this sudden, abruptly altered Covid-19 landscape, many brands are struggling to reach consumers; shops have shut, supply chains are becoming harder to navigate and points of customer contact have drastically declined.

Ironically, it’s at a juncture where arguably consumers are more receptive than ever to brand contact in their homes – as we lock down into the new normal, it’s reassuring (and boredom-defying) when brands can deliver us a meaningful experience at home.

As many of the cogs of commerce grind to a halt, Relish are working hard to ensure business as usual for some of the nation’s best-loved brands, using their network of over 30 different e-commerce retailers (including HelloFresh, ASOS, & ASDA) to help brands reach their target consumers with products, offers and competitions.

Sampling directly into the home, through trusted online retailers, is the perfect way for brands to keep front of mind, as well as adding some positivity in worrying times through the “Surprise & Delight” of sampling.

If you have questions or concerns about your sample stock or want to execute a new campaign with Relish campaign – please contact a member of the Relish team We’d love to help however we can.

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