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Research shows that simply encouraging consumers to TRY your product is the most effective way to see if they like your product enough to buy it at full price, and through product sampling in our Sampliverse we will help you do this as effectively as possible.

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Getting customers the products they love

Trying your product is one thing but adding some extra LOVE will really help seal the deal! We can send your samples out via a retailer consumers already trust and admire – think influencer marketing.  Retailers like ASOS are perceived to be as influential as some of the biggest celebrities around and if they LOVE your product, so will their customers.

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Receiving a product sample could increase purchases by 300%

Not only does sampling help amplify your multi marketing campaign and uplift the decision-making process (ask us about more about this research) but it also generates conversations on social media.

Source: Decision Support Systems, 2018

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