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The 7 best things you didn’t realise Product Samples could deliver…

Relish is a brand partnerships agency that specialises in product sample campaigns, we partner sample brands target audience with the customers of our partner retail brands.   This is what we have learnt product samples could do:

  1. Safe physical interaction – your samples can be delivered completely safely and compliantly, even during lockdown. Relish is a specialist at partnering sample brands with their exclusive retailer brands who can deliver your sample alongside their customers order.  With the increase in popularity of online shopping, for all angles of life during lockdown, Relish were still able to safely deliver 1m samples.  Your target consumer will have the ability to physically interact with your product with complete safety, safe in the knowledge that it is compliant and relevant
  2. In The Home – Relish can position your sample, directly into the consumers home. By placing a sample alongside a customer order, we can reach up to 4m people at home in a month, without having to utilise fleets of additional staff, uniforms and display stands.  We also don’t have a minimum order quantity, so don’t let that massive number scare you.  The couriered ‘signed for’ order, means there is no wastage – the order may be returned, but the sample stays at home – popped straight onto the kitchen counter, bathroom cabinet, home office desk or bedside table
  3. Brand endorsement – by partnering your brand with one of our reputable, aspirational retailer brands, you will not only benefit from their established supply chain, but also their brand values
  4. Influence – who needs a celebrity when our retailers have more followers then many coveted influencers. PrettyLittleThing and Missguided have followers in the millions and we can access their digital inventory to further enhance your campaign
  5. Quickest campaign turnaround times – sampling with Relish means you can be reaching potential consumers in as little as a week
  6. Sales uplift – campaign uplift from one of our leading grocery partners has seen an average of 23% uplift when sampling with them. 2 well known fragrances saw over 250% sales uplift when sampling with ASOS – need we say more?
  7. Cheapest route to sample – ok, this is a provocative one, but we believe (from benchmarking exercises), based on: A 50k campaign trying to reach 16 – 30 or 25 – 45 year olds in a 1 week window - Sampling with Relish is the cheapest way to execute this, BUT we are happy to be proven wrong, drop us a line with your brief and see if we’re right!!

I know, amazing right? Had you thought of these things?  If you haven’t tried sampling before, talk to us about ‘start- up’ discounts, or our multitude of case studies which will back up the above and help in your planning process.  Elevate your next campaign with our Relish sampling channels.  We have no minimum campaign spend or volume*

We have no minimum campaign spend or volume*. Get in touch here today or email!

- Natalie Betts (14/10/2020)

*dependent on which retailer you partner with


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