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Rory O'Donoghue

Sticking with your passion and taking your chances

I graduated from Bath Spa University with a Business Management and Marketing degree and was ready to take on the industry.

I however quickly discovered that I was unable to walk straight into my dream career and struggled to find opportunities for me to apply my talents. Not wanting to leave the city that I had made my home or quality of life that is rare to find in London I made a choice to pick up any work I could.

I was able to start working at a local pub with a great bunch of people. I really enjoyed the work, the team and the patrons but also knew that pulling pints wasn’t my end goal or what I had spent the last three years studying for. I made the decision to keep on in the world of Marketing and enrolled myself with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) which offers training and qualifications in marketing related topics. The plan was that the CIM would provide me with a more in-depth knowledge of marketing and keep my knowledge up to date.

I always heard that business was done in the pub so I would keep my ears and eyes open for any opportunities that may come through the door. It was by doing this that I met some of the Relish team and asked about the opportunity of doing some work experience with them.

I sat down with Relish Directors Natalie and Jonny and I was lucky enough to be offered an internship working 1 day a week. As soon as they began speaking about the business, I knew I wanted to work with them.  I felt confident that if I was provided with a chance, I had the right work ethic to impress.

Although there was a lot to learn I knew after day 2 that Relish was the agency for me. The drive and passion of each employee mirrored that of my own and after years of education, this is where I wanted to apply my skills.

I treated each day as a job interview and looked to exceed expectations with every task I was given. And it paid off! After 7 days I was offered a role as a Campaign Strategist with Relish.

With my CIM qualification not finishing for another 3 months I knew the work load would be high, however this was the opportunity I had been working and waiting for. All I was thinking was that I cannot wait to get started.

I know I can contribute to this special team and with time, repay the confidence that they have shown in me.