Spring Forward, Fall Back: Our Cleaning Essentials

Written by Olivia Humphries 28 March 2022
Relish Recommends
Spring Forward, Fall Back: Our Cleaning Essentials
Spring has finally sprung and the clocks have gone forward, it’s time to get the house in order! No idea where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cleaning products you need to refresh your homes for the Summer ahead.


Relish Recommends … Disinfectant

Although we are now living without COVID restrictions, it’s still super important to keep your home clean of germs and bacteria. Our favourite way to do this is to use the amazing Fabulosa product range, particularly the Gold Touch 4 in 1 Concentrated Disinfectant. Perfect when diluted to use as a surface spray or pouring neat capfuls down the plugholes for a quick sink freshen up!


Relish Recommends … Dishwasher tablets

With the rising cost of energy in the UK, now might be a good time to power up that dishwasher you’ve always thought was a waste of energy! Studies have shown using a dishwasher on an eco-setting uses less energy than handwashing – Finish Dishwasher tablets ensure the cleanest, freshest and shiniest dishes.


Relish Recommends … Decluttering

As the UK is experience the change of season and a mini heatwave, the seasonal wardrobe changeover is upon us! It’s out with the knitwear and in with the t-shirts – when packing away Winter essentials, pop a Lenor Dryer Sheet in there to keep it smelling fresh until the Autumn rolls round again!


Relish Recommends … Colour Refresher

When you’ve unpacked those summer essentials, it’s important to keep those bright colours bright and white clothes white. Relish recommends Henkel Colour Catchers – popping one of these in the wash will make sure no bright colours run onto lighter colours.


Relish Recommends … All Rounder

Scuffs on the wall? Marks on the skirting boards? Tea stains in the sink? The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste can solve all these woes. We have not yet found an issue that the Pink Stuff couldn’t solve!



A part of the big Spring clean is getting rid of everything we have managed to accumulate during the winter. Remember when clearing out to be conscious of anything you can save by donating to your local charity and most importantly, making sure to recycle all the bits you are throwing away.
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