Sampling and Sustainability – Recognising this as an essential step towards brand loyalty.

Written by Evie Roberts 05 January 2022
How Relish are driving sustainable sampling…

More and more brands we speak to are putting sustainability at the forefront of their business plans, and rightly so. In the years to come we’re expecting this trend to increase in line with changing consumer behaviour and legislation. Acknowledging the importance of sustainability is vital for agencies that will stand the test of time – as we at Relish intend to!

There are brands who refuse to sample (its OK, we won’t take it personally), referencing wastage and single-use plastic. But the problem is, sampling works. According to Euromonitor, only past experience, friends or family’s recommendations and price, precede sampling when it comes to influencing purchase decisions. Our 2019 insights found that 75% of people are more likely to buy the full product after receiving a free sample, making it much more effective than TV advertising. By avoiding sampling these innovative brands aren’t reaching the audience they have the potential to, and are limiting their impact on the market.
So, how do we move forward with these two seemingly opposing points? Sampling has the power to bring these disruptive brands to mainstream markets, a catalyst towards better more sustainable products. But sustainable brands are hesitant. Luckily, there are ways to address sustainability challenges which will only multiply over time.

Targeting and packaging innovation are the answer to brands who are concerned about waste and single use plastic.

Sampling is more targeted than ever before, with the ability to target specific demographics, postcodes and preferences. Gone are the days when standing at a train station handing out samples was considered effective. We can ensure your samples are placed within the most receptive audiences to minimise wastage. Direct-to-home sampling has an added benefit in that it’s delivered in an online order that’s already being shipped. Therefore, there’s no additional transport emissions associated in the sample coming from the retailer to the final consumer.

Packaging innovation is one of the most exciting areas in the business. From plastic wrap made of potato starch to reusable storage boxes, packaging is a critical part of sustainable sampling. With time, these sustainable materials will become more readily available and the default choice for packaging.

Sustainability challenges require resilience, problem solving and creativity, things we as an agency pride ourselves on.  Sampling is your opportunity to make a great first impression, and as consumer expectations rise, any effort made to ensure your campaign more sustainable will not go unnoticed. The power of this should not be underestimated and could win your brand some very loyal customers.

Make a powerful first impression with sustainable innovation.


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