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Written by Natasha Townley 26 June 2020
The internet is awash with marketing tips and brands doing what they can to get their products front of mind in the ‘new normal’ we find ourselves in (anyone else hate that phrase?). But I was thinking about my own personal experience of this time and what has felt good and resonated with me in both my working and non-working life. It dawned on me that the answer to both of those is meaningful connections. That’s where product sampling can really connect with consumers.
Creating meaningful connections in a global crisis

At work, lately, I feel like I’ve had some of my most genuine interactions with people ever. That’s not to say that myself or my colleagues and clients weren’t being genuine with each other before but being in the midst of a global crisis gives real meaning to the question ‘how are you today?’. I very much care about the answer. ‘I hope you’re well’ is now not just something I might say as the opening of an email but something that I really, truly, genuinely do hope for.

At home, I love how often myself and my friends and family are checking in with each other and how much we’re all making time for each other. Again, in our busy lives of the recent past, it was too easy to let too much time go by without having a proper conversation, but these days, I feel so much more connected to what’s going on in everyone’s day to day lives.

Why sampling marketing can be meaningful

This led me to thinking about work, and what really matters within the realm of what we do. I understand that, in sampling marketing, we aren’t working on the front line, or putting our lives at risk, and of course I am not for one minute suggesting that we can help the situation in that sense. But there is a lot of good in what we do and how we make people feel with our product sampling. What is happening in the world now can help us tune into this in the same way that I feel I’ve tuned in with the people in my life.

At Relish, the buzzwords we use to help describe our marketing services can sometimes feel like not much more than that. Let’s get back in touch with their meanings when thinking about our marketing.

How product sampling can create delight

‘Surprise and delight’, for example. Now, take your marketing head off and just think about what those words really mean, especially ‘delight’. The definition of delight is to give great pleasure, satisfaction, or happiness. At a time where many of us are at home trying to adjust to life as it is now, and maybe mourning some parts of life as we knew it before, product dispatch sampling gives brands the ability to really connect with and delight customers. It reaches them in their homes at a time when we all need a little lift.

This can create genuine meaningful connections between brand and consumer, and I mean genuine in the same way that my own connections have become more genuine. What could be better than a little unexpected treat to brighten up your day? How would you feel about a brand that did this for you? That feeling you’re imagining is why you should sample.

We can talk through the research we’ve commissioned, the studies we’ve read, our previous campaign experience that proves the effectiveness of sampling. But think about yourself, today, in this moment, receiving an unexpected little treat and how that makes you feel. That’s it – that’s the feeling you can be associated with. Get in touch with the Relish team here to find out more. And stay safe.

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