Beauty Sampling

Imogen Nind
The beauty world is a billion dollar industry, and there’s a curated skincare or cosmetics brand suited for every single skin type and requirement out there.
Imogen Nind
With endless options, how do you ensure you remain front of mind, and the go-to brand for customers that have all of the choice in the world? 
With online retailers overwhelming brick and mortar stores, gone are the days of a potential customer coming to your store or counter to browse and try your product in real life. With beauty and cosmetic sampling, you can get your product directly into your target audience’s hands.

The Benefits of Product Sampling for the Beauty Industry 

Get your beauty sample straight into the hands of your target audience when they are in the best place to try it: 

  • 74.5% of beauty sample recipients tried their sample immediately
  • 96% of recipients enjoyed their beauty sample 
  • 53.98% of potential customers hadn’t tried the sample they received before
  • 89.24% of sample recipients expressed positive purchase intent

Data sourced directly from our insights platform, Try.Love.Buy  







Relish x Beauty Sampling Solutions

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Skincare Sampling Case Study

Clinique were looking to sample an NPD of perhaps their most famous product line; Moisture Surge. Relish facilitated the campaign from start to finish, ensuring the samples were distributed in line with the NPD launch date on 

82% of recipients said they were likely/very likely to repurchase the full size product of the sample they received – we call that a success!

81% of Clinique sample recipients are likely to purchase

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